Dear {{lead.English Salutation:Default=Investor}},

Thank you for being a valued member of’s online real estate marketplace. You’re receiving this email because you previously did not complete the necessary steps to close on a property that you won.

If this becomes a pattern, we will have to remove your Bid Deposit Override (BDO) privilege. In the future, please take the following steps when you win an auction:

Step 1.

Sign your contract within 24 hours

Step 2.

Submit all documents, Earnest Money Receipt and Proof of Funds within 4 calendar days

In the spirit of cooperation, let’s work together so you can bid with confidence, win with confidence, and close with confidence. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 1-800-793-6107.


*The Bid Deposit Override (BDO) privilege allows buyers to bid on select properties without placing a $2,500 deposit.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Contact us at 1 (800) 793-6107 from 6am - 5pm PT or email Or, visit our online Auction Learning Center.